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I think the forums could use some more positive energy given the many sad stories I've been reading lately. In this thread we list things that we like starting each sentence with "I like". Anything, as long as you don't lie or use satyrical humor to say you like something that you actually hate.

First poster starts.

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I like having a long weekend off and spending it with close friends. So relaxing.

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I like having a quiet, somewhat rainy night where I can spend a few hours playing Deus Ex.

I like getting home from work to find that my dad had just hit the liquor store that day.

I like dogs.

I like people who don't bombard you with destructive criticism when you screw up.

I like coming home from work to find the package I ordered from Amazon waiting for me.

I like payday.

I like watching distant lightning storms that don't pose a threat of putting out my electricity.

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I like rainy/cloudy weather.

I like jogging amongst other aerobic exercises that are more like single-man sports.

I like the colors green, yellow, and purple.

I like energetic video game or video game-like music, which is one of the reasons I like the megaman series so much.

I like anime (as if that wasn't obvious with my avatar.)

I like...no adore italian food.

I like people who aren't afraid to admit their own faults.

I like electricity.

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I like cats.

I like people who prefer cats over dogs.

I like it when it's warm and comfortable but not too hot.

I like going out for a walk when it's raining hard.

I like shopping in Akihabara.

I like spicy food.

I like closing myself with other IT nerds in a computer lab for a few days to do some hardcore coding.

I like playing crappy old Doom maps that I made years ago.

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I like training in aikido, and wish I was there now.

I like synthesizers.

I like analog synthesizers even more.

I like anime.

I like Japan and Japanese food.

I like playing Doom on a cold winter day when I can't go outside.

I like not being at work.

I like Linux, especially Slackware.

I like learning about other cultures, electronics, and just about anything else.

I like KMFDM and Ayria.

I like meeting new people, even though it's usually awkward for me to do so.

I like going out on dates with geeky women who I get along with.

I like Doomworld.

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I (used to) like people's facebook statuses.

I like when people cook for me.

I like reading your posts.

I like the skulltag community but they dont like me.

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I like polar bears and their cubs.
I like abandoned Russian mining settlements at 79 degrees North.
I like volcanoes, especially Ejyafjallajökull.
I like waterfalls.
I like icebergs.
I like glaciers.
I like exposed rocks that tell a complex geological history.
I like menus that offer foal, puffin and svalbard reindeer.
I like polar bear warning signs.
I like "no guns allowed" signs on banks.
I like the world's northernmost sundial.
I like statues of Lenin.
I like the "Y.Gagarin" sport complex.
I like uninhabited islands.
I like volcanic ash.
I like thousand-year-old Icelandic churches.
I like snow at midsummer.
I like midnight daylight.
I like the world's northernmost condom for sale.

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I like big butts and I cannot lie
You other brothers can't deny
And when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung

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I like ice.
I like seeing people turned into ice.
I like shattering the very ice people are left in.

But not counting the last two (though I wish I can make it happen).
I like StarCraft.

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I like this thread.

I like a big bowl of vanilla icecream loaded with choco syrup.

I like to sleep during bad thunderstorms.

I like old horror movies. The worse the better.

I like the sound of a finely-tuned V8 race engine.

I like mouse-look.

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bytor said:

I like to sleep during bad thunderstorms.
I like mouse-look.

^ I like to be awake during bad thunderstorms.. BzZzzT.
^^ I like to mouse-look Doom Rocketlauncher, and normal mouse-look for more modern games that ARENT CoD and Halo.

I like to make children happy... But I don't know why I have attributed this.

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I like Doom.

I like the Machine Shop Skulltag clan.

I like knowing my place in this universe.

I like writing.

I like good food.

I like good maps.

I like cheering people up.

I like good comebacks.

I like the pwning of my threads this community provides

I like DB2.

I like sleep.

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Planky said:


I was recently in the world's northernmost shop (Kongsfjord Butikken), and they had some condoms for sale. Logically, they were the world's northernmost condoms for sale, and I found that to be a somewhat interesting concept, especially after getting a bit sick of hearing almost everything nearby described as "the world's northernmost X" (greenhouse, hotel, credit-card operated gas station, etc.).

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I like Doom.
I like making doom maps.
I like watching movies.
I like playing violent video games.
I like listening to music.
I like good and often unhealthy food.
I like alcohol.
I like women but they don't like me.

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I like the music I created.
I like water in general.
I like all of my photo albums.
I like sounds that bring you in another mood.
I like my friends.
I like women.
I like the city tram.

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i like the World Cup
i like playing soccer
i like organic raw whole milk!
i like organic raw whole milk!
i like organic raw whole chocolate milk!
i like tequila shots with salt and lime
i like road cycling, especially when i am in the zone
i like the word 'ampersand'
i like that a 'ball sack' is a better euphamism for a wimp than a 'pussy' (a mere flick of it hurts like hell, whereas a pussy takes a pounding and squeezes out a baby)
i like dancing to great music
i like cars and driving
i like porsche 911 turbos
i like photography
i like you
i like drunken slip and slide
i like doom deathmatch
i like simple detail in doom maps
i like leaving the toilet seat up
i don't like that intense physical activity means I have to dramatically up my caloric intake.
i like Germany's football team.

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Me gustan las parrilladas! (i like BBQ's)
Me gusta el fútbol (i like football)
Me gusta fumar (i like smoking)
Me gustan las empanadas de pino (i like empanadas with meat)
Me gusta cuando no tengo que estudiar y/o trabajar (i like when i don't have to study and/or work)
Me gusta ser chileno (i like being chilean)

edit: me gustan mucho los pescados y mariscos (i really like fishes and seafood)
En realidad, si me pongo a enumerar todas las comidas que me gustan, no terminaría nunca, asi que digo que me gustan muchas comidas (i like a lot of foods)

And, obviously, i really like spanish language :)

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