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Sprite Offset help

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I am having some trouble getting some of my objects to show up in my map, and it may be related to the offsets in XWE. How do I make sure that every sprite will display properly in my game?

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there are a couple of text fields at the top when you have a sprite selected. type 0 in both of them if your speite is for a monster or inventory item. if it's a weapon, use something like -81 and -116. if you get close enough, a little box will show up. use it to line up your sprite.

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Try Slumped! It has an option to autoalign sprites, and it works wonders 99% of the time. The 1% it isn't exactly as u want it, the move needed to get it where you want to be is still reduced vastly!!!! Either way, a MAJOR time saver!!!!

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