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Fun and games

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I have a game we can all play. It's called Survival.
This is how you play: you're in a certain situation. You have 3 choices on how to get out.
1. You're being chased by 7 Imps. You have a Chaingun with 44 rounds left in it. You have 15% health. Do you:
a. turn around and fire away
b. Keep running
c. Give up and let yourself be killed

2.You're in E2M8: Tower of Babel. You've been struck by a stray rocket from the CyberDemon. One more rocket and you're dead. You're downto 60% health and you have 21 rockets left. You have no ammo for your other weapons, so you only have an RL. Do you:
a. Turn around and defiantly keep firing regardless of death
b. Run for your life foolishly and commit suicide
c. think things through and go find the other Soul Sphere and some more rockets

3.You've somehow goten E2M9: Fortress of Mystery, and you've been slapped around by the Barons of Hell there. You're down to 30%, the Barons are closing in, but you've got the Backpack(full of ammo!) and a fully loaded Chaingun. Do you:
keep firing in the hopes they'll all die quickly
b. see if you can run around the Barons and pick up some more weapons
c. give up and die

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bcb; but isn't the fist question the only
one where there's an alternative? it could
be A or B; in questions 2 and 3 you can
only choose C,B unless you're a kamikaze.

Or is it a test to find out whether you're a

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