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Prboom-plus Settings

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I am using Prboom-plus and I was wondering if there was a possible way to change the resolution to 320x200, but still have the screen stretched to a resolution such as 640x480 (similar to the visuals in Chocolate-Doom.)

I've been messing around with the config files, but I just cannot get the desired results. If anyone has any knowledge about this please let me know.

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TendaMonsta said:

Also is there a way to make the sound similar to the 8bit DOS doom?

Go to general settings and at the sounds & musics portion, switch "PC speaker emulation" from no to yes then restart Prboom-plus.

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Similar in what way? It doesn't sound too different from the DOS executable run in Windows 9x. One difference I noticed is that when there are many sound-making things PrBoom can use more sounds channels at the same time than Doom, and I think there's no way to limit PrBoom in this respect. I'm not entirely certain how many channels it is that the DOS executable allows, though. (I'm guessing that's part of the DMX sound code that's not in the released source code.) Maybe it's 8, as per the setup program's maximum, or maybe more. I've set it to 32 and didn't notice much difference with 8, but can't be sure.

Otherwise, you could mess with the samplerate value, and see if that works in respect to the difference you mention.

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The samplerate was what I meant and I messed with that to get what I wanted. Thank you all for the help you've given me. Now Prboom-plus feels like old doom even with boom wads!

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