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This is a very addictive little Flash game I've been playing virtually non-stop for the past fortnight or so. The premise is simple: You are a mouse. You need to get cheese back to the mousehole the fastest.


The game seems to still be in its infant stages, but it has soared in popularity as of late. (If you find yourself unable to get into the game at any point, it's likely that the servers are having a hard time. :P)

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Its like a retarded version of Lemmings, with realtime youtube-style comments...

I'm assuming its singleplayer with spectators?

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No, it only has netplay. All the mice on screen are controlled by players. Anyway my account name there is Zimp so add me if you people feel like it.

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I think most people saw this when FrostyBrain from YouTube did his review for it, but yeah its fun.

Should make a room called "doomworld" and we could play there. :P

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