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[RELEASE] A summer present - Legion of Demigods deathmatch pack alpha

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Just finished putting together a little deathmatch pack I've been working on for months.
By "finished" I mean an alpha working at minimal standards, of course.

Get it here


This is a sort of spinoff of Breadmonster Invasion. It includes 3 maps, a bunch of items and a couple of new weapons, and 12 player classes (though it's really more like 6 since it's split between male and female, though there are subtle non-cosmetic differences). Each of them has their own set of abilities that I really encourage you to explore.
*hint: The Ancient Cuneiform item is the fletchette of this game.

If you have any way to play it with other people and test it out, that's awesome. If not, you can add bots with the addbot command, just make sure you're in deathmatch mode first. But the bots are stupid and they don't know how to use the inventory system, so they won't be too formidabble if you know what you're doing.

The first map is just one tight room, with no weapons or items whatsoever, so it's just a crampt brawl-space. But there's a particular aspect to this map I think is quite charming (check the jukebox!) ;)
The second map is medium sized, very dark and labyrinthian.
The third is a wide open outside area.

Let me stress that I consider this an ALPHA, so there's incompleteness abounds. For one, most player sprites are unfinished, and they're missing all but front frames because finishing all 8 angles is going to take forever. I'm planning to give the classes more unique attacks and abilities, as well as more universal items weapons that can be used by all. And I want to make more maps, obviously.

Did I mention you can carry only one (non-magical/fisticuffs) weapon at a time, dropping whatever you were previously carrying on the ground in front of you? I think it's a pretty cool touch of realism ;)

edit: Oh yeah, this seems almost needless to say, but this is a Doom2 mod, so you'll need to put a doom2 wad in the folder to run it.

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