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changing colors globally rather than sector based.

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Was just wondering how you would go about scripting a global color change rather than having to do it with, say, Sector_SetColor.

Something like what the invulnerability sphere does, or some of the newer custom powerups like the doom sphere.

Also would it be possible to do a gradual change to get from one color to another rather than an instant change.

Am mapping for ZDoom(Doom in Hexen)

Thanks guys.

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Aside from tagging EVERY sector in the map to have a color to it, you could just make a custom powerup that sets the fade to whatever you need it to be on the player's screen. I believe something along the lines of Fadeto may also replicate the effects that you see from something like the doom sphere.


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This script gradually fades every sector in the tag range 0-50 to completely red. (Bear in mind that Sector_SetColor, when 0 is used for the sector tag argument, will affect all untagged sectors.)

for(int i=255; i>0; i--)
  for(int k=0; k<=50; k++)
    Sector_SetColor(k, 255, i, i);
This looks best in the OpenGL renderer.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

Between thewe two suggestions I should hopefully get what I am after.


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