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DooM Cylons

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I finished yesterday to watch the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica (new serie)


I really would like to shot some cylon


i couldn't find any cylon mod for doom, and i think this is strange because there are doom mod for almost everything (star trek star wars stargate dr who etc...).

I'm evaluating the idea to realise a doom mod set on board the galactica, but still without cylons to shot i feel something would be missing.


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Funny. I had a feeling that was going to happen after reading the thread title. :P

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I WANT this as enemy, really !!!

I can only hope that someone full of good will may realise a cylon enemy for doom...

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Xaser said:

I think we've created a monster. In more ways than one... :P

do you prefer a skinjob?

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That doesn't sound dirty.

Maybe not, but skinjobs are a good reason for shooting enemies which are all eguals.


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