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Building WiiDoom with devkitPro

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I'm running WinXP SP2 32bit and used the devkitProUpdater-1.5.0.exe to install the following packages into c:/devkitpro:

Then I downloaded the following packages manually and extracted them to "c:/devkitpro/portlibs/ppc":

Then I downloaded "SDL Wii 11-28-2009.zip" and extracted it into c:/devkitpro (it already included a libogc directory).

Finally, I downloaded the WiiDoom source with Mercurial 1.6.

I opened up msys, moved to the wiidoom directory and wrote "make". Despite many warnings, it seemed to compile and link fine, resulting in a boot.dol of 2.214.144 bytes (not quite the same size as the precompiled one available for download).

I then copied the boot.dol to my SD card, overwriting the original, file. When I start the game via homebrew channel, I can choose to load the DOOM1 wad file, but after clicking "start", I get a DSI exception and a stack/code dump.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

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The SDL-wii download is out of date. I built SDL from SVN and used that to build WiiDoom.

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Thank you for your quick reply.

I got SDL Wii r89 from http://sdl-wii.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ and built the libs. Here's what I got:

size: 1.740.070 bytes
size: 421.352 bytes
size: 396.782 bytes
size: 60.106 bytes
size: 1.299.678 bytes
size: 1.705.838 bytes
size: 124.352 bytes

The new bool.dol is almost the same size as yours, but still not quite: 2.198.976 bytes vs 2.199.040 bytes. The problem is that it still crashes with a code dump at the exact same moment.

Almost there.. maybe there's something else I'm missing?

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That didn't do it either, I got another lovely codedump. The new boot.dol got a little bigger this time around though (2.199.680 bytes).

Would it help if I post the sizes of my freshly built libogc r4165 libs?
How about getting the devkitpro r4165 sources and building that one from scratch as well?

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Thx, but no luck.

I got SDL WIi revision 88 with "svn co -r r88 http://sdl-wii.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/" and built it. "make all" didn't work, because sdl_gfx complained that there's no SDL.h, so I used "make" followed by "make install" seperately in each folder, which should be okay? (I deleted all r89 files in my devkitpro folder manually before building r88.)

Then I tried building WiiDoom with both libogc r4165, and after that, I extracted the "normal release" libogc-1.8.3.tar.bz2 into my devkitppc folder, overwriting r4165 for a second try.

The size of the boot.dol this time around was 2.199.648 bytes and 2.198.944 bytes respectively. The latter one is pretty promising, but I still got the usual code dumps with both.

This is really weird, by now I should have the exact same libraries that you've used. But I don't want to give up yet. I guess you used Linux and Eclipse to build WiiDoom? Could you pls tell me the exact version of your OS and IDE? I suppose that if I replicate your build environment, there's no reason I shouldn't be able to get it working.

Debugging my boot.dol sounds like a good idea, that's propably what I'll have try if everything else fails. Though I'm not familiar with Wii development, so that could prove to be quite difficult for me.

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I used Mac OSX 10.5 and Eclipse. That actual release build is simply from the command line.

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