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Mad Butcher

Daedalus by Mike Hardie (1995)

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This was once available at Compuserve and Doomoscope. Daedlus3.wad and TXT file are on the Demon Gate Mega Collection CD, but it's missing the sprites WAD (d3sprite.wad).

Does anyone have daedlus2.zip (the first 4 levels) and a complete daedlus3.zip? I tried to locate the author with no success. It could be uploaded to idgames if all the files were found.


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I checked my archives, and sorry, I only have the same daedlus3 files that you have.

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I found Daedlus2.wad on yet another shovelware CD - "Ultimate Add-On's - Tournament Edition", unfortunately without a text file. No sign of the sprite wad yet.

EDIT - Here it is, freshly uploaded. daedlus2.zip

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Many thanks, GreyGhost! I really thought daedlus2.wad was lost forever.

It's okay if the sprite WAD can't be found, the WAD with maps 1-4 will suffice. :)

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