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Strife - Quests

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I'm going to do map to strife in Doom Builder 2. I know how to go between maps, but I don't have idea how to do quests for player. Anobody knows something about editing maps to strife?

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No, I actually have no idea about making quests for the player. Why don't you make the quest first, as a standalone level?

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There are several ways that quest flags can be awarded to the player. The first is by having various "quest" items given to the player by other characters in dialogues. Learning how to edit Strife's dialogue system is pretty critical if you want to do anything advanced with it.

Some monsters, such as the Oracle and the Spectres, also award quest flags when they are killed.

There are even some linedef types that award quest flags. In fact, whether or not you get the good ending is determined entirely by whether or not you have destroyed the Converter in the Factory, for the switch controlling it actually calls an elaborate function that looks more like a typical ACS script than anything a hard-coded line action has business doing (lowering various ceilings, starting/stopping lighting actions, disabling other switches, starting a voice sound, giving the player +1 stamina and health, and awarding a quest flag).

IIRC even the G1 Break Glass line action will award a quest flag, *if* you put a specific texture on it - the one used in the Mines for the radio transmitter controlling the drones. Though it will also in that case award you +1 stamina and health instant upgrades.

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If you would like to find out how to edit the dialogs then check out this article on the ZDoom wiki: USDC (Note: that nothing on that page is specific to ZDoom and should work with vanilla Strife as well if that is important.)

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