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Awesome isometric map renderer

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Dunno if anyone's seen this before, but it's totally sweet:


Basically this guy wrote an isometric map renderer in Java. The output looks really good, suitable for submission to the Video Game Atlas project, and there's no reason it couldn't be used to make maps of Final Doom or any user-created WAD.

The sad thing is, the program and/or its source code isn't available, and the guy disabled his contact link a while ago, so I've found no way of getting in touch with him to ask after it. Anyone have any ideas on how we might do so? If he was okay with releasing his code, I could see this becoming a great feature for programs like SLADE3 or a WAD manager/launcher.

If we can't reach him, I guess it wouldn't be unrealistic to just recreate the functionality as a GPL project - he explains some of his approach on that page, and it wouldn't be too difficult to program for someone with real 3D graphics chops (ie not me).

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Yeah, this has been linked to before. I think it even made it to the news back when it was new.

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Awesome. If he still had an applet somewhere I might be able to reverse-engineer parts of the source code.

For now...you can wait until I get the renderer/map parser in my Java Doom project together, or use RUIN/Stark.

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