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Dehacked merging?

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Does a DehackED patch always have to be a file separate from a WAD in order to work? If not, how can one merge it with the WAD?

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I think many sourceports these days support DEHACKED lumps (ie. basically having the DEHACKED file inside of the wad like your looking to do). It's pretty easy to do actually. Just open up your wad file with XWE/SLumpEd or whatever your wad editor of choice is. I usually just take the DEHACKED and copy/paste it as text into a new lump named DEHACKED, although you may be able to just import the actual DEHACKED file into the wad (can't remember if that works or not). Either way, importing it as text works for me so I would imagine it would for you as well.

Although it does depend on the source port your aiming your project for. I really don't know for sure, but I'm gonna guess that a DEHACKED lump won't work for something like Vanilla Doom (just don't quote me on that). Boom might...I know PRBoom+, ZDoom, and Eternity support it for sure.

Anyways, hope that helps :)

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Thanks! That does indeed help. I'm making my MegaWAD for ZDoom, and I'm just learning my way around SLumpED and WhackED, so I'll give that a try!

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