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One more quick question Nigel

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it's not a big deal really, but now I see that when I shoot the water it does indeed splash, which is a beautiful thing, but what's up with the crosshair? the splash occurs way above where the crosshair is aiming.. maybe that thing needs to be recentered or something... anyway, just curious, and it's not even a big deal, but just wondering... alright, take it easy man, and thanks for all your help...

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Not sure really. After you mentioned this, I went and had a look at a few levels.

It seems to depend on a number of things: direction you fire, distance between the player and point of splash, type of sector, God knows what else. Sometimes the splash was below the crosshair, and sometimes it was above. Once or twice it was even bang on.

Non deep sectors were more reliable. Perhaps it is something to do with the calculation of where to make the splash on the false liquid surface. Zdoom used to make the splash above the point where the impact hit the floor of the pool. This meant a projectile would enter a pool, but not splash, but then a second later you would see a splash a little ways further on. The current system seems reasonable most of the time and is certainly an improvement over what went before.

Projectiles seemed to generate splashes nice and accurately at the point of impact, hit scan weapons were less so.

There is also the issue that the crosshair and actual point of impact are hard to match up in all circumstances. Just see where decals and projectile shots go relative to the crosshair. It's close and usable but not always spot on. The crosshair wouldn't be the best guide to where a splash should appear. I'll certainly agree that sometimes the splash seemed a little far off even allowing for that.

But ultimately, I don't know.

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