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Multiplayer setup in DoomBuilder

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When I build a map with DoomBuilder and put in multiplayer starts it says I still don't have enough multiplayer starts. I added more starts tagged as deathmatch starts but still get that warning. How exactly do all the multiplayer starts need to be tagged, and do I need separate starts for each type of gameplay? Should the player 1 start be tagged for all three or should there be three separate, differently tagged player 1 starts?

Also, for a multiplayer map, do all the things in the map need to be duplicated with separate tags? i.e.: if I put a torch in a corner in single player mode do I need to put another right on top of it marked multiplayer and a third marked deathmatch?

Sorry if this is a dumb or redundant newbie question but I'm starting a big map and I really want to do it right and make it appealing to people who like multiplayer modes as well.

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You need to add the player start for each player, not several player 1 starts (i.e a player 2 start, a player 3 start and player 4 start).

"Multiplayer" means the mobj will only appear in a multiplayer game mode. If not checked, the mobj will appear in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

HeXen and certain Doom ports also allow you to set wheter an item will appear in co-op and/or DM seperately, instead of just any multiplayer mode.

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If it's for that ZDoom project, you also can get player starts for players 5 to 8.

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Thanks! That really cleared things up. My misunderstanding of how that worked was why my first maps were only single player.

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