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Moving waste barrels?

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In some Wad's i have seen moving barrels and monsters that moves from A to B and then 'warp' to A and restart.

I have a ideé and if i can get help how to make this i can maybe do something cool i hope?

I have tried some different ways to do it on but nothing happens.
i have tried to make moving floors that carry and so on and teleport to warp it back to A but i don't get i to work. maybe i have overdone it?



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Protip: Open one of those maps in Doom Builder and see for yourself how it's done.

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I did do that in one map but i didn't figure out how to do it and copy it into my map. is there any scripting that is needed?

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For interpolation points, low/high bytes are a delicious hack to let you circumvent certain limitations in the ZDoom Doom/Hexen map format...if they still exist. Low byte can be a TID from 0 to 255, and a high byte is your 5th arg * 256. This allows you to use TIDs higher than 255 as interpolation points. If you have low byte and high byte set, both of your args add up, for example:

arg 4 (low byte) - 132
arg 5 (high byte) - 5

(5*256)+132 = a TID of 1412

Of course, if you keep the TID count in the map less than 255, you can ignore this crap and only set a low byte, and keep arg 5 at 0.

Spend some time with the ZDoom Knowledge Base (be careful though because some of that stuff is outdated) and the ZDoom Wiki and you will know all of ZDoom's secrets in no time.

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