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Prboom error: R_TextureNumForName, Doom Builder and me

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So I'm setting up Doom Builder 1 to work with Prboom. Long story short: This error just shuts me down, again and again. I absolutely have no clue in the world how to remedy it.

The error is "R_TextureNumForName" and I believe it is because it simply can't find the textures. I tried switching to the doom2.wad instead of a custom: I tried moving the doom.wad into the same folder as prboom.exe.


Engine is prboom.ese
-iwad %D -file "%F" -warp %M -skill 4

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Are you using textures from more than one wad? It sounds like Prboom's reading the wrong texture lump, it'll use the last one that's loaded and if that doesn't cover every texture in your map - you'll see that error message. Open Prboom's stdout.txt file in Notepad and see if it lists the missing textures.

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