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I need feedback on defiler-c-42.wad

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Defiler is my personal Coop on-going project that I have been working on for a good year by now. Defiler first began as a testwad to... Well... Test various functions and tricks that I found while editing, after a while I got the urge to make a TNT dedicated wad so I chose Defiler to work on. Later on I discovered XWE and from that day forth I've been going nuts on it, adding new weapons, music, textures, and recoloring monsters.

Unlike most Doom Wads today, Defiler actually has a story line even though it has no scripting what so ever except for a DEHACKED it has. And it's also what my friend calls a "campaign" meaning throughout the levels you won't find higher level weapons until you get to higher levels, simple as that. It goes from map 01 to map 21 in this beta, I hope to make it as far as 34, 33 being a credits type map and 34 being a tough challenge map. So here's the link and I'll post some screens as preview, and I hope I get feedback!

BTW: Let me know what ports are compatible with Defiler, and I'll post it under here


Map 04's exterior walls

Map 11, my TNT tribute

Map 01, the outside of the office building

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Also the wad includes custom music for every map and custom names, if no one can hear or see either of these please let me know

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