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Need Level Testers

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I just finished a level that I've been working on for a while, and I need people to test it. I'm sure if the level has enough health/ammo to be beatable on nightmare, I can't beat the first level of Doom on nightmare so I didn't even bother testing it on that difficulty. Also check for misaligned textures/blah and the other usual stuff.

Download link:


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small annoying thing is a demon keeps stepping on a lift so u hear lift going up and down constantly throughout the level unless u kill him

and a personal thing; i hate archviles thats worse than nightmare :P

u cant get the rockets in the blue key room because the ceiling is too low

the exit sign is too high up i didnt see it at first. maybe if u put it on the wall at eye level?

sweet map i like it

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Here's an updated version of the file, the rocket room is fixed, I added another Archvile ;P sorry, I realized that there wasn't any enemies after you get the soulsphere, so I added an Archvile that appears in the exit room. I also lowered the exit sign, and added a "block monsters" line to keep the demon from raising/lowering the lift constantly, and added some scripting that I forget to put in the older file.


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I liked it. I'm not a fan of cramped spaces or of falling out windows to instant death, but the map is well done. Good details like slopes, which I haven't learned to do yet. I hate archies too, but still a good map!

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bgraybr said:
I'm not sure if the level has enough health/ammo to be beatable on nightmare

Fixed that for ya. You can be sure now:

Way too many cells. I'd remove one cellpak from the begining and one from the exit, at least on UV. The outdoor areas outside the windows need some work, they are too bare (and the sky there tiles, which doesn't look nice). Plus you don't die and get stuck outside the window before the Mancubus. A couple of secrets wouldn't hurt. Other than that - good job, it's a fun level on Nightmare.

Usually I give ZDoom-only stuff a wide berth, but this one is an oldschool map. Yes, even with the slopes and the script. A nice small tight level. What some may call cramped, others may consider compact. You definitely have good sense of proportion.

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I Downloaded. I played. I got my but kicked.

never did like those archviles...

-A Demon near a lift was stuck in a wall.

-Once you get to the exit, you cant go back. the exit sign blocks YOU!

Good work though >:)

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