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Mr. Freeze

Project: Kayin Development Blog (Screens coming)

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Project: Kayin (real title forthcoming) is a in-development WAD for DooM II featuring a massive, malvolent, mechanical level. Instead of the typical DooM "running and gunning" gameplay, Project: Kayin is a platformer filled to the brim with instant death. Shooting sections do exist, but these firefights revolve around strategy and luck instead of firepower.


-Quake II Textures for a dark, industrial design
-One massive level. The finished version will be at least the size of Deus Vult MAP04, if not even bigger.
-Remixed videogame music
-Co-Op for up to 4 players

Screenshots forthcoming in the next few days.

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The current size. The large section is a huge refinery/forge, complete with molten metal that must be avoided. The completed level will have not only the forge, but a chemical plant, shipping facility, human recycling, garbage dump and water treatment facility. What does this mean in gameplay terms? Expect to see a lot of varied environments.

You might be wondering what those standalone rooms are doing? They are Boss Rooms, where your wits and reflexes alike are put to the test. I can't go too much into detail, but nearly every enemy will have their own unique Boss Room.

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Whoo said:

I sure hope every room isn't giant and empty.

Not a chance. Although extraneous detail isn't my expertise, the rooms will fill up. I'm getting the bare gameplay down first before detailing everything up, or else I get distracted :/

K!r4 said:

Like in Quake II and IV?

Exactly. Expect a couple conveyor-belt jumping areas.

Here's the 9/10 finished starting area:

The only thing left to do is decide where the lights go, if at all (the floor is molten metal- do you REALLY need overhead lights when the whole room is being lit from the ground?).

Also, I really wish I had a caution-stripe floor texture that actually tiled ._.

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Taking a small break from mapping and working on music.

Currently remixing La Roux's "Bulletproof", but I might choose another track. Think industrial, scratchy, and pounding.

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esselfortium said:

Is there a single line in that map shot that isn't straight vertical or horizontal? :-\

In the map shot, no. Because, no.

I am currently trying to design a outdoor, rocky area after a few indoor, square areas. You can't just beat people over the head with a single style for an entire map. Especially when said map is huge.

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