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Ribo Zurai

First Try at Making a Boss

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Well, here you go.



The boss is called Entweihen, a skeleton-like stack that can't moves, but has 13000 HP, some long range spells, and a deadly forcefield that can kill the player quickly. The WAD comes with a demo level. To reveal the boss, press the switch. When de boss dies, go to the exact centre of the level (where the boss was) to leave. He rarely drops an overpowered weapon...

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Stupidly over powerful and not fun to fight. All it essentially does is spew "millions" of multicoloured super fast instant death projectiles all around itself non-stop.

Though a stationary custom boss or bad guy is not something commonly made by Doom modders and the graphics for the stack are pretty cool.

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Ech, it's not my can of worms I'm afraid Ribo, although I'll give you one up for the sprite looking as good as it does like Vermil mentioned. And yes, it is too colourful and... fit inducing.

Fighting it is like watching a blender at imax with someone screaming in your ear.

Kinda like a Micheal Bay film.

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Not a bad boss but too tedious and slow to kill. Took me about 8 mins to kill it using up all rocket ammo and about 300+ cells with the plasma gun.

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