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just2klarify's Wad Reviews

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My name is Justin Klarif, and I recently started a website that reviews Doom WADs. Here is the link: http://wadreviews.wordpress.com/. I am currently reviewing Speed of Doom, and afterwards I will review new WADs. Please take a look!

just2klarify or Hey-Yo10

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It's wonderful to see a review site that both looks at its subject in intricate detail and attends to it with a properly developed format, and it is because of this that I look forward to seeing how your current review pans out regardless of my having played through the wad a good 3 or 4 times 'til now.

Presumably there will be an in depth analysis of the wad in its entirety, so I'd probably have to wait until then to pass final thoughts. At this stage it's compulsorily objective 'monster goes here, weapon goes there' material, which I hope you don't my saying is the kind of stuff I like to skip over. That having been said, you otherwise, and for the most part, paint a very good picture of the various level with the language used such that a picture often isn't even necessary! Also (even though it's pretty much irrelevant), I agree with everything you say.

Oh erm, did I say good job at all?

Good job.

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Will you be doing individual WAD reviews? If so, feel free to review some of my maps (See signature).

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