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Need Graphics Card

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Alright, so the minimum graphics card requirements for Doom 3 for best play performance would from the NVIDIA 6800 series. Or at least, thats what I'm looking for regardless, something from the 6800 GeForce (I think) graphics card. I can't seem to find it at the NVIDIA website. Hoping I got the right information across here, can someone point out a link or something to where I can find some type of purchase or download information for the Graphics card?

EDIT: Nevermind... Got it figured out...

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Did you get this sorted? I was going to suggest you tell us your budget and maybe you can get some suggestions based on that. I just put together a system with a GTX 460 and it's not too shabby.

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I see you have it sorted out, but at the same time... the 6x00 series of cards are six card generations old, I doubt anyone is selling them outside of ebay.

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