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(WIP) My current untitled Mod and Project

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I suppose I have been gone long enough, So now I have returned! My new and current project may seem strange to you because of How I plan on handling ammo.

Gentleman, Say hello to my Weapon Energy System! basicly it works like this:

Red = Ballistic Energy:This type of energy is consumed by weapons that formerly used Bullets and Shells.

Yellow = Explosive Energy:For now on your rockets and grenades will need this!

Green = Electric Energy:Make sure you have plenty of Electric Energy for your Plasma Rifles and BFG9000s.

Blue = Mana Energy: Now, Magic based weaponry will be available to our hero thanks to this energy type!

Tell me what you think!

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...it would be this mat that you could put on the floor... and would have different "conclusions" written on it that you could "jump to"...

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I fail to see how yellow and green energy behave any differently than normal. It's hard to comment on something when there's so little presented. I think you should try something like this as it's top-of-the-line stuff.

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The Weapon Energy System is a way to get around a certain limitation concerning ammotypes brought on by two factors.

1.A lack of knowledge concerning SBARINFO

2.A desire to make an easy, convenient and portable ammo system that's compatable with many types of Weapons.

Clearly I cannot see how I fail to provide enough information apon how the The Weapon Energy System works and the benefits it provides for me when it comes to weapons and ammunition mangement. Also yor comment reeks of spam as well. If the information provided is not obvious to you in the first post then please refrain from making Spam posts.

and here a video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w_iGQ2ldTw

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I happen to think this has lots of potential! TO catagorize ammo - you can have way more ammo types without things becoming too cluttered!

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Keyblade Master said:

Oh shut up CodenniumRed. This is the third time I have gotten Fucking Spam in my thread and I will not tolerate it! Can someone please delete the posts of the following spambots.


Even after I gave a fuller, more complete explaination of my Weapon Enegry System I still get fucking Spam!

I think CodenniumRed's comment was a compliment. And I kind of agree with Snakes, you didn't present enough to really comment on.

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What is the difference between "energy" and "ammo"? And spambots don't post in this forum.

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What exactly is strange about--? Wait, four kinds of ammunition? By Crom's fell left testicle, that's... that's. . .

I don't get it.


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40oz said:

What is the difference between "energy" and "ammo"?

The Weapons Energy system allows me to have another weapons type without disrupting the layout of the classic status bar too much. And with that in mind I would like tolist off my current arsenal so you will understand why I chose this way of dealing with ammunition in the first place

1.Ballistic = Angled Shotgun, M16
2.Explosive = Two in One Grenade and Rocket Launcher
3.Electric = Plasma Bolter, Sonic Railgun
4.Magical = Heretic Dragon Claw, Hexen Flame Spell, Hexenized Raven Staff.

I hope this anwser a lot of questions.

You can stop spamming the link to that ************* Mat any day now!

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