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Promised Squadplay for ROE (Before the real release)

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Now I know it's pretty hard to think WAY back, but does anyone ever remember reading a Resurrection of Evil article where it said anything about Doom 3's expansion having Squadmates in it? I do. I remember it clearly, I was in Gamestop playing the Halo Demo because I was young and I was waiting for my mom to get done shopping when I decided to look at their upcoming releases. And when I was flipping through I found a Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil article, showing a ingame screenshot of 3 marines in ROE Marine uniforms holding guns and are actually *gasp* alive. I also remember reading the article and it said something about "Lead your squad through (something something) levels".

My question is, did anyone else hear about this? And if so, what happened to the idea?

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I would venture a guess that they didn't want to repeat the headaches of Half-Life 2's squads :P

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