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/newstuff reviewers to review my wad

Love it or Hate it? say why down below!  

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  1. 1. Love it or Hate it? say why down below!

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Hello, I posted a great level (in my mind) for Heretic entitled Dissonance, but it got missed (or skipped) by the reviewers, I was wondering if you guys would do it on your next run though!

And anyone else who would like to review it!
Some people are having problems with HOM effects, however I explicity said how to avoid this.

If you're using Doomsday 1.86, Please enable Always Render Full Sky
Zdoom (non GL) can't render the glitch
GZDOOM and ZDOOMGL work fine
New Doomsday Beta's don't work with the glitch, they have a missing texture in place which makes the desert area look wierd.

Thanks guys

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