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Incident at Tei Tenga Part 1

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This story takes place several years before the incidents of Doom I & II. This is loosely based on the information contained in the Doom Bible, however I have expanded the story line and cast of characters.
Incident at Tei Tenga (Part 1)

Men’s actions are too strong for them. Show me a man who has acted, and who has not been the victim and slave of his action.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The black-stoned castle rose out of the bubbling, gas-belching lava sea like a creature out of a dark nightmare. Jagged spires reached into a bloodstained sky like claws reaching for escape. The round windows in the spires winked with orange light, like eyes peering out of darkness. The doorways gaped like hungry, toothless mouths never satisfied, never filled.

Over the hiss and crackle of the lava and the moaning of the wind through the spires, slow, methodical drumbeats rose and fell like the lava around the castle. Inhuman voices chanted in time to the drums and the unearthly music filled the dark castle.

In the throne room of the castle, a mammoth creature sat upon a throne made of the skulls of countless victims. Its skin was mottled black and red and claw-tipped hands tapped the arm of skull-throne in time to the beat of the drums. In the large head, its red eyes glowed with an evil, inner light and when it opened its mouth, row upon row of needle fangs dripped saliva.

“The time is nearing, brother, I can feel it. The portals are stirring once again,” the creature said in a spitting, hissing tongue. It spoke to its twin, who stood looking out a window at the lava sea. This creature was tall, well over two meters, with the same large head, red eyes and fang-filled mouth, the same mottled skin and claw-tipped hands.

“I too feel that the time is near,” it said, turning to face its brother on the throne. “The Ancients must be long dead if the portals are stirring. If the enemy who imprisoned us in this accursed place is gone, nothing shall stand in our way when the portals open.”

“Are the armies ready?” The creature upon the throne asked.

“Yes,” its brother answered. “Listen to the sound of the War Chant, brother. They are ready and await your command.”

The creature on the throne hissed and closed its eyes, listening to the throb of the drums. The sound of war.

Cadance MacShane smiled as he listened to the pretty, young blonde-haired woman that sat next to him at the Hawaiian Islands Bar. Tami talked with her hands, grabbing the air as she babbled about getting a chance to work for United Aerospace Corporation.

“It’s really a good job,” she said, “but…”

She paused and then looked at him with wide, blue-eyes. He had a sudden sinking feeling in his gut that he was about to get a Dear John. At least it was going to be in person.

“But,” she continued, “I have to go to Mars. They have a fifty year terraforming plan and they want me to help set up the atmosphere processors.”

She picked up a tiny drink umbrella and picked at the ice-cubes floating in her pink-colored drink. “I am a planetologist after all,” she said.

Cadance grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I’m happy for you. This is a real opportunity and I would hate to see you pass it up.”

He kissed her hand again, and said, “Besides, Mars isn’t that far. I can always get some leave and come visit.”

“Sure,” she nodded.

“When are you leaving?” He asked.

“In a couple days,” she said. “I’m heading out on the next transport ship.”

“At least we have a couple days then.” It was not as if Tami and he were in love, but he did like her and they seemed to be perfectly suited to each other. She did not mind his military life, having grown up a military brat herself, and he found her keen intelligence refreshing. She had confided to him that most men were intimidated by her sharp mind, but he liked a woman who could think.

She leaned over to him. “I’ll make sure you don’t forget me,” she purred in his ear.

“We’d better not waste the time,” he said grinning and throwing down a twenty on the bar.

They stood and headed for the door just as two Marines entered the bar. Cadance saw that the Marines were already well on their way to a good drunk and moved to stand between Tami and the Marines, trying to walk past them.

“Where you going, beautiful?” One of the Marines asked Tami. He was tall, broad-shouldered and mean looking. A scar ran down his face that twitched like a snake when he talked. The other one was shorter, with a bald head and wide, muscular shoulders.

Tami just glared at the Marine but Cadance smiled and said, “Just calling it a night, guys.” He tried to move past them but Scarface grabbed Cadance on the right shoulder and leaned over to Tami.

“Well, how about a little dance, eh?” He said, his breath reeking of alcohol.

Cadance reached up and grabbed the man’s hand that was on his shoulder, twisting the palm upward. The man squealed with pain and grabbed his wrist, leaning to side to relieve the pressure. Cadance applied more pressure and said quietly, “We were leaving.”

Scarface moaned and Baldy looked at his friend, then at Cadance, then back to Scarface. “Get him, damn it,” Scarface said between gritted teeth.

Tami backed up and stood by the bar as Cadance looked at Baldy. Baldy hesitated a moment more, then began to lunge. Cadance drove his fist into Scarface’s nose, sending him falling backward into Baldy. Both men fell onto a table that shattered under the weight and went crashing to the floor.

Just then, two more Marines entered the bar. Both were tall and beefy. One was extremely ugly and other sported a flattop haircut. They stood in the doorway looking from the Marines on the floor struggling to get on their feet, to Cadance who was standing beside them.

“Get him!” Scarface cried, trying to untangle himself from his friend.

Ugly rushed Cadance, swinging a meaty fist at his head. Cadance stepped aside and let the fist whiz by his head, then stepped forward and drove his fist into the stomach of the Marine. Ugly grunted and bent over, gasping for air. Cadance shoved the Marine into Flattop who was trying to get around his friend and then kicked Ugly in the chest as he started to straighten. Both Marines flew backward, pin wheeling through the door of the bar.

Baldy and Scarface, on their feet, tried to double-team Cadance. Baldy rushed Cadance from behind while Scarface rushed him from the front. Cadance stepped back and drove his elbow into Baldy’s nose as he tried to wrap his arms around Cadance. Cadance heard a satisfying crunch and thump as Baldy fell to the ground with a broken node. Cadance then jumped and kicked ScarFace in the chin, once, twice, and then kicked him again in the chest when he dropped to the floor. Scarface flew backward through the door to join his Marine friends.

A siren blared outside the bar, followed a moment later by two huge, Military Policemen entering the bar carrying stun wands. “Damn,” said one MP.

Cadance nodded to the men and raised his hands. He turned to Tami who was standing at the bar with her hands on her hips. “I’ll take a rain check,” he said and sighed as the MPs escorted him out the door.

Cadance stood at attention before Commander Ralston’s desk staring straight ahead. He could hear the crinkle of paper as the Commander leafed through a report on the fight of the previous evening.

“A broken nose, several broken ribs, a strained wrist...” Ralston sighed and laid the papers on his desk.

“The Marine Commandant wants to press charges against you for roughing up his boys last night,” Ralston said.

“It was a fair fight, Sir. There were four of them.”

The corner of Ralston’s mouth twitched, but his voice was stern. “Damn it, Cadance, I don’t need this crap. There are some top brass just looking for an excuse to shut us down.”

“Sir?” This was news to Cadance.

“There are some who don’t think there is any need for an SEF. Personally, I think it may be sour grapes on the part of some commanders since we pulled you and your mates from the various Special Forces.”

The Special Expeditionary Force, or SEF, was comprised of Green Berets, Rangers, SEALS and even some Military Intelligence operatives; the very best of the best. Cadance was formally a weapons and close combat specialist with the Green Berets.

“Be that as it may, I need to get you out of sight for a while, until this blows over.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Ever hear of Tei Tenga?”

“No, Sir.”

“I’m not surprised. It’s a moon of a large gas giant out on the edge of known space. Some years back, an archeologist found some ancient, alien ruins. When they found out that the alien machines still worked, the military took control of the site. However, they haven’t been able to figure out what the machines do, so it has become somewhat of a backwater, low-priority post.”

Cadance felt that sinking feeling in his gut, again.

“I’m sending you out there,” said Ralston. “Officially, I want you to examine their security set-up, make suggestions, that sort of thing.”

“Are they having trouble, Sir?”

“What do you think?” Ralston asked.

Cadance grimaced. “Out of sight, out of mind. I understand, Sir. When do I leave?”

“In a couple days. There is a transport ship making a run out that way and I have you booked on the ship.” Ralston handed Cadance his orders.

“One more thing,” Ralston said. “There is a squad of Marines on the post. Could you try and complete the assignment without bloodshed for once?”

“I’ll try, Sir,” Candance answered.

“You better. Dismissed.”

Outside the office, Cadance looked at his orders. Tei Tenga. He could already feel the boredom. At least he could spend some time with Tami before she left for Mars. He had a rain check he wanted to cash.


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Rick, you rock. Holy cow, dude, in that opening scene you cranked the imagery to 11 & let it wail! Do you have any published stuff?

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Rick, you rock. Holy cow, dude, in that opening scene you cranked the imagery to 11 & let it wail! Do you have any published stuff?

Thanks Cap. Nothing published yet, but I'm working on it.

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Rick, you rock. Holy cow, dude, in that opening scene you cranked the imagery to 11 & let it wail! Do you have any published stuff?

Thanks Cap. Nothing published yet, but I'm working on it.

And, regardless of my previous posts in here, I am actually a capable writer. :-) If I could come up with a decent starting point for a story, imagine what would happen if both Rick and I worked on it...

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And I thought I was a good writer. Dude, this is some qualtiy writing you got going on here! Next installment, please!

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