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halls of the damned remake

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I was thinking a fun project would be doing a halls of the damned remake. But maybe for doom 2 using d1gfxd2.wad (but of course using the same e2m6 music). Except the only doom 2 monster you'd be able to use would be the arch vile (cause it's fitting in Doom 1 and is scary in hallways.) I don't feel like any of the other monsters would fit well in Doom 1.

The other idea would be to pick a level from Doom 1 and remove all the secrets in it but keep the rest of the map intact. And then edit in new secrets. So if 9 people did that for e1--we could play through the whole thing but have to find new secrets--might be fun since that was a secret heavy episode.

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Clonehunter said:

Idea number 2 sounds better. What was the orginal Halls of the Damned?

E2M6 of doom. It was a cool level, but the whole premise of 'halls of the damned' seems like it has so much potential. I'm thinking the map was first made, and then id software came up with the name. Actually, funny thing is... I already made a wad that would fit the title very well. Hmm.., it's a doom 2 wad, but maybe I'll revamp it with doom 1 textures.

I sort of agree with you that idea two is a little more interesting, tho.

The other idea I had (basically same idea as #1) (and this might be good in conjunction with idea #2 or as a standalone idea) is to edit the original doom maps (preferably episodes 2-4, but you could do it with ep 1 as well I suppose) in doom 2. insert only arch viles at key places to make it harder. NO super shotgun, no other monsters. It would be the original dooms but with arch viles in the maps.

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I'd say go with a HotD remake...but when you get to the area that spreads outward in 4 hallways, make that area a remake of DooM2 Map 08 (Tricks and Traps). I dunno, but I have YET to see either of these maps remade and am anxious for them...

That second idea is iffy, because by what you're saying you're taking the actual E1 maps and scrapping the secret areas...meanwhile keeping the main layout intact. If that's the case then you're using the original maps for your blueprint (which is a no no to some extent iirc).

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I kinda like your idea of merging the two levels. That is pretty sweet.

My thought for HotD remake was that there'd be a lot of freedom by the mappers... but that it should feel like it would fit in E2 replacing the original, but it by no means would have to resemble the original... whatever about the phrase 'halls of the damned' inspires the mapper.

What did you have in mind for a tricks and traps remake?

As far as the legal side of things... I get the impression the id police aren't too concerned about it. But maybe it's disrespectful to the original authors? Should I ask John Romero? He seems to be the easiest original doomer to contact.

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