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Alien Vendetta map 20?

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I'm on map 20 of alien vendetta. I'm stuck, because one of the doorways that I'm supposed to go through doesn't work. It's all black, and in white letters it says "out of order due to illness and lack of coffee". Is this cause I'm playing it with the latest gzdoom port?

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Yes, according to AV.txt:

[1.8 Avmovfix.wad]

Unfortunately we discovered a limmitation regarding map20 and demorecording.
If you attempt a full game run with doom2.exe it will bomb out in map20
with an error message if the -maxdemo parameter is set high enough.
To avoid this we included an altered version of map20 as avmovfix.wad,
its basically map20 w/o the hughe mountain area. Such a high -maxdemo
valu is only of interest for a possible maxkill movie run, even episode
recordings work fine with no fix added.

Note that his one is only of interest for demorecorders in compet-N context,
and should be ignored if using a port such as zdoom.

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