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Special Forces re-make

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I am currently working/planning on a remake of sorts of Hostage Resuce, Twilight Warrior, Covert Operations and CQB all by Black Shadow Software. My goal is to completely transform Doom into an adrenalin-rushed mission-based survival & tactics game with as much realism as Doom will offer. The port will be EDGE, because as far as realism is concern i believe it is the best choice.

I am hoping that someone out there would be interested in joining as i would need level editors, otherwise i would probably end up updating/improving existing levels by Black Shadow Software (permission will be asked for).

This is something i have always wanted to do, but the lack of human enemy resources has always been an obstacle. But now, i am proud to present a little preview of some hi-res human enemies:

Stay tuned for more info.

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They are from an obscure FPS game entitled Damage Incorporated which uses the Marathon 2 engine.

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