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Paris By Night (working title)

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I have not done anything but copy/pasting the following text, you will understand why below.


WIP link : http://www.wadsinprogress.info/?a=listwads&wad=1447

Genre :
Urban Deathmatch

Compatibility :
Vanilla Doom work. Compliant with Doom, Doom2 and Ultimate Doom.

Design :
Textures modeling and mapping of the typical Hausmann building style from Paris city with their rooftops. Includes the place Charles de Gaulle with the Arc De Triomphe monument. Actual mapped architecture is something like 80% of final release, the huge part of job is texture modeling and wall mapping to balance with crappy "2 sectors made" buildings.

Gameplay :
Gameplay would be a reboot of the famous "Shoot" map with players appearing on the map central round close to Arc De Triomphe and picking up weapons and happily fraggin' in a pimped urban environment. Players would be able to go under monument arch.

Copyrights :
No property law nor licence attached to graphics, all files can be reuse at anytime for existing works or projects by simply quoting its source. Textures can be easily reuse as a basis for any European main stem city (i.e. Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Cracow...).

Your comments are warmly welcome on WIP or boards to define/adapt development ways in order to set a realistic enough environment. Actually working on main monument sculptured textures and decoration like trees, lights...

Best regards from Paris, France.
Your beloved banned : Iceman57.

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GreyGhost said:

He's also resumed work on St Etienne Cathedral, which I'd been following with interest.

How lucky I am, I have the real thing like 100m from my appartment. This could be very funny to see it in Doom.

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K!r4 said:

How lucky I am, I have the real thing like 100m from my appartment. This could be very funny to see it in Doom.

Hey! I love in Paris too, I would really enjoy to see this in a doom-map :)
Btw, the textures we can see on the pictures on your site seems to be very cool. But usually in Doom all textures are full of pixels, and it seems it is not the case here. How did you do that ?

*Edit : I meant I live in Paris too.

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