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Halls of the Damned/Satan/Working Title - Its a map...

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The first 'Doom' map I've posted to the forums is this one. I'm just looking for feedback and such. Anyways, this is "Halls of Satan" or "Halls of the Damned" or "Still Working out a Good Title".

Anyways, the gist of it is: Granite, Blood, Decorate, and Tight Corridors and such.

Now this uses hose two monster packs from the database, but I've included them in here, since you'll need to run them with the .wad. Nothing ever seems to work for me when I try to merge files together and such. So yah, I'm pretty much looking for feed back and such.



EDIT: Hnh, no feedback? Or its so utterly bad theirs nothing to say, or its so incredibly good noone can think of anything to say :P

Or its just so "so-so" that noone can think of anything to say...

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Alright, you've asked for feedback and here I am ;)

Just played through the map and I must say... it was bad. Did you play it yourself on every skill level? I doubt that, because the ammo was not nearly enough to kill the monsters on UV, so I had to cheat to progress after opening the blue door.

The enemy placement was very poor. Using new monsters is fine, but you should use them in the right locations to make them fit the setting. Placing Hexen monsters in a tech base is totally out of place and feels noobish. You should give a map a certain style and use monsters that fit the layout and feel of the map.

Next thing would be textures and overall design - the rooms had low to no detail, which would be fine for a map that came out in 1995, but not today. The first couple of rooms with the blood etc were some kind of intersting, but after that it dropped down and looked downright ugly. One thing that popped into my eye like a rusty nail was the doortrak textures at the side of opening doors - ALWAYS make them lower unpegged.

Overall it felt very amateurish and that was mostly due to the monsters used. Maybe you should try and focus on gameplay with monsters that you are more familiar with before placing new monsters from some library. The variety of monsters that DooM offers is plenty enough to learn how to make decent maps with challenging and fun gameplay.

I would suggest that you download a couple of good maps from the archive and take a close look at them. Being a mapper should open your eyes to every little detail in those maps. How did the mapper accomplish the challenging gameplay? What makes this room interesting? Why did he place a switch at this location? Etc.

Okay, I'm talking way too much here. Hope that could help you and don't take offense in my critique.

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Manhunt21 said:

Your download site is blocked by my anti-virus software.

Why are you trying to get me hacked????

Its not me.

Other wise to BLue Eagle: Thanks for the feedback. I was actually debating on whether I should just keep the techbase or just get rid of it, as I hate techbases. I'll attempt to better next time. Thanks.

Oh and as for detail, what could I have added? What room(s) did you not like?

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I thought that the gstone rooms looked really good, with the blood dripping down all over the place. the first room showed promise, but then i opened the door to a square techbase, and I was like, what the hell?? totally out of place.

I personally think new monsters are great. I have my preferences of course, and some of your choices don't do much for me. the stone imps and later the squires or whatever they are in my opinion are nothing but ammo sucks. they pose no threat to the player as they move damn slow, have a slow melee, and have no ranged attack. the stone imps are made even more impotent in some locations because it would appear as though there are certain lines flagged monster impassable. i only got hit by them on this level because i had no ammo.

so yes, add ammo, and add side rooms that are not required to add variety and reduce the linear play. get rid of the tech base, or at least make some sort of transition between the two themes. and yes, for sure, peg those lower textures on the doortraks!

still had fun with this, just wish i could kill everything instead of run away with just my fists to protect me :)


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