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No sky texture in pwad

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I'm playing a pwad right now that has no working sky texture (the sky is the gray and white "checkerboard.") Is there a way I can fix this myself with an editor? I tried changing the ceiling texture in XWE to a different sky texture, and the the result was a 'tiled' sky. And I also checked the sectors in Doom Builder 2 and everything seems to be in place.

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Which pwad is this? What does it say in the textfile about ports (if needed) and settings?

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GreyGhost said:

Try a different source port (like PrBoom+) and see if that fixes the problem.

Perfect. Thank you.

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From the description (with the tile), it seems you were using ZDoom. Do you have a MAPINFO lump in that PWAD? If it contains a map definition for the map, but no sky is attributed in that definition, you'll get the "missing texture" checkerboard.

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