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Doom in My Eyes: Slough of Despair

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Let me start off by saying that I suddenly became interested in doing a story for each of the maps in Doom and some in Doom 2. Well.. most of them. Some seem to have more life to them than others. I intend to do this to generate some insight on what Doom was supposed to seem like (and probably did) in your first encounter with it. To remind people of it's charm and character and feel like a real adventure.

Upon flushing through Hell's Keep, Our hero is warped to a barren desert of ash and charred remains. It's hot and the land is cruel. The air is dry and the rocks are jagged and scabbed with dried blood. Continuing his quest toward the very heart of Hell, his trek plunges him into a giant trench where the demons will feed.

Peeling his eyes around every corner, he can't help but get the feeling he is being watched. As he skulks onward, he keeps stepping into fields where he is repeatedly exposed from many different directions. The lost souls continue to stalk him by meandering through the crevices. Their ability to remain silent before approaching its victims is a quality that many other monsters had not yet inherited, which makes them deadly. The UAC marines had not reached very far into Hell's premise before being reduced to feral zombies. With every glance our hero witnesses a small puff of fire out of the corner of his eyes and it disappear behind another crevice.

The monster population is much greater and each step can create an indeterminable situation of danger. The resources are low, our hero must wrestle the shotguns out of the zombiemens' tight grip with his bare hands for his own self defense. Having his back turned, a lost soul lets loose a horrifying shriek and lunges itself toward our hero like a king cobra, gritting its abrasive teeth against his exposed flesh with a bite that would put a rabid dog to shame.

It's unforgiving territory out here. The demons become more and more fierce with our hero's prolonged presence. Meandering around the canyon collecting shells and stimpacks off the remains of his fellow fallen soldiers, the area grows more unholy with every step with the presence of mysterious glowing liquids and levitating rocks which are a result of Hell's increasing fury.

Our hero escapes toward the end of the canyon which breaks up into five adjacent caves forming the shape of a human hand. Each cave possessing a fatal obstacle, with one containing the forbidden blue skull key which is required to access the door that seals the gateway to escape this wretched land.

The key is located at the pinky finger of the five caves. Our hero steps carefully toward the key, stopping at reaching distance, to be interrupted by a trio of cacodemons bursting from their nest in a pile of rubble! Our hero uses whats left of his ammunition to fend them off, grab the skullkey and make a dash to the sealed blue door to which our hero can exit into the castle of illusions known none other than "Pandemonium"

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I'm not exactly "crazy" about this type of embellishment, but that's just spot on, good job, however, I'd be impressed if you didn't run out of fresh vocabulary by the end of the next map.

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By the way, the fourth screenshot, with the pitch-black water, inspires me to try to Eternityze the map, creating a layer below the level, accessible through those "black holes" (which normally in game are those small blue water pools). Alas, there's never enough time for something awesome, plus it's against the /idgames rules...

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