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Well, I just got through trying out quite a novelty piece for Quake2-DoomE1M1.bsp!
The funny thing is, nothing, nothing has changed design-wise about The Hangar. Everything is where it should be. Even the original music, "At Doom's Gate", is there! The only difference is that the Strogg make an appearance instead of
Sorry, but I forgot the URL.
Though I'm sure you might find it here.

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[EDIT]: This is NOT a warez link!!! It is a link to a Quake 2 mapping site!!! Just covering my ass. :)

Herein lie the original DooM

I've had this link in my faves list for about the last year. They're not exact conversions, although they do ad some Quake 2 engine-candy pits, like swimmable water in some maps.

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