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Doom in My Eyes: Deimos Anomaly

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After defeating the Bruiser Brother's that dominated the Phobos Anomaly, Our hero stepped forward into the cleared gateway and was propelled through a horrifying terror of hellish interference, and warped to Mars' second moon, Deimos, losing his acquired inventory in the fuzz. This is where the experiments with teleportation began and with the massive body count on Phobos, it can be presumed that there were certainly no survivors. There is a reddish glow producing an aura never before witnessed by human eyes. The underlying exposure of hell has already made it's influence on the building.

The area is ridden of sane human life and is instead populated with zombie men and imps much like Phobos. There is a teleportation gateway but they appear to have been drastically altered. They have evil symbols carved into them and are decorated with ceremonial candles like some kind of chapel. Our hero boldly steps into the teleport and successfully rematerializes in the outer substructure of the anomaly where more imps and zombiemen ensue. Our hero sprints ahead and grabs a shotgun perched on top of a chunk of hot molten debris and begins unloading on the aforementioned demons.

The area is becoming increasingly unstable, the floor feels hollow and the temperature feels unusually hot. Our hero reaches a second experimental warp gate just beyond a fault in the floor flooded with boiling blood and human remains where the brittle floor tiles are sinking into. He mans the controls and sets foot into yet another warp gate defiled with inhuman writing.

Shit! This doesn't look like Deimos at all! Our hero is exposed to what could be hell in its purest form. It's some kind of castle of some sort with blood stains seeping in between each brick. This could explain how teleportation had gone so wrong. This exposure to hell enabled these monsters to flourish into this once tamed land. There are still many signs of Deimos' ruins. It appears as though this is some kind of cross-bred mismatched Hell and man-made hybrid. Our hero, desperately fiddling with the controls trying to escape causes the ledge to come crashing down with hungry demons leaping down to chomp on his legs. He fends them off and uses his blue keycard to access another gateway.

This place looks more familiar. There are blood thirsty monsters but much fewer than before. This place seems a bit safer. It appears as though this area didn't suffer as much as some of the others. Our hero reactivates the security breach to access the gateway to the exit platform.

It's empty... Until his presence angers a cacodemon causing it to burst through brick wall right before our hero's eyes in an act of pure fury! The close quarters forced our hero to have to act fast to bring it down, and shortly makes safe the Deimos' Anomaly exit. The Deimos Containment Area lies just ahead.

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cool stuff! The demon platform actually lowers slowly (like the moving walls in Temple of Doom! that slowly reveal traps while Indy gives a look like "what have you done!"), not crashing down, but you've done an excellent job! Look forward to the others!

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