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How do I use a custom sprite in doombuilder 2?

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Manhunt21 said:

...but I don't know how to make it appear...?

I assume you mean you want to know how to make it appear in DB, so that you can conveniently use DB to insert the sprite. If that's the case, you'll need to edit the DB configuration file to include the name of the sprite and that of the new "actor", along with its DooMEd Id number, class, and size (radius).

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Or, if it's defined as a DECORATE actor, just insert your DECORATE lump in the map's PWAD. You can even use the "//$Category" system that DB2 uses.

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Get a wad manager. I recommend a recent build of SLADE3. ;)

Open your map with it. You'll see a bunch of entries, starting with a map marker (e.g., MAP01 or E1M1) and ending with BLOCKMAP, ENDMAP, BEHAVIOR or SCRIPTS depending on the map format.

The important thing is that you should not insert your DECORATE lump in-between the map lumps. They have to be left in the order they are.

So select the very last lump and then click on Archive->Import Files and select the text file containing the code for your actor. Make sure it's named DECORATE; you can rename it otherwise.

Select that new DECORATE lump and edit it. Look for your actor's definition, and right after its first line and its opening bracket, add this:

//$Category Decoration

Now when you open the map in Doom Builder, the actor is added to the "decoration" category.

In case of problems:
1. Make sure your actor has an editor number. Without one, it's pointless to want to add it to the editor, since you cannot place it in a map anyway.

2. The name of the //$Category may be different. You'll have to look in the DB configuration files to be sure, or if you want to put in another category (e.g., Monsters, Health, etc.).

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Manhunt21 said:

Alright. Is this possible in XWE? That's what I use.

Yes, XWE can be used in essentially the same manner, as the principle is the same.

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