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FreeDM identification lump

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Could it be possible for FreeDM to have its own identification lump (in addition to, or instead of, FREEDOOM)? At the moment there is no way to identify it algorithmically, as far as I know.

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Legacy is using a table, so this can be changed easily.
Right now it is looking for the FREEDOOM lump and at the wad name.
If you decide quick, a change can be made for the next release, before alpha maybe.

Something like FREEDM would work.
If it was in addition to the FREEDOOM lump then it would not mess up any older releases, like what existing ZDOOM, GZDOOM, is doing.

To recognize older versions of FreeDM, the engine would have to still accept the wad based on old tests, or have some explicit work-around.
Deciding quickly also minimizes that problem.

Legacy 1.44 has a switch (assuming I remember this exactly).
doomlegacy -game freedm

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Sorry it took so long (kind of forgot about this thread), but there is now a FREEDM lump (in addition to FREEDOOM) that should only be included in freedm.wad. Source ports should have a simple way of detecting the FreeDM IWAD now.

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