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General Rainbow Bacon

64 bit doom ports?

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Well, you can compile Linux ports under 64-bit Linux kernels, but that's as far as you go. There's no good reason to make a 64-bit only Doom port on any platform as of now, unless said platform can't natively run 32-bit code.

Windows can do it just fine, and Linux requires most of its 3rd party software to be compiled on-the-spot, at most with a few compiler options, so it's even more moot.

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You should be able to compile ZDoom under 64-bit Windows. No 64-bit binaries are provided since as Maes said, it wouldn't make much sense.

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Sonikku7 said:

ZDoom runs in 64 bit windows. Why would you want to compile a 64 bit version?

Ditto. And GZDoom looks great on my Windows 7 64-bit too. The only sourceport for Doom that has better graphics IMHO is Doomsday, but it's incompatible with so many WADs that ZDoom or GZDoom seems to be the best way to go.

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What about Glboom-Plus (newest test version) This offers high resolution and OpenGL filtering. It also holds original compatibility to the original Vanilla Doom.

I've noticed you've released demos on the forums and its better to stay with a compatible port that GZDoom and Zdoom.

Although these ports were (IMO) made for editing and scripting more than anything because they are very powerful ports when it comes to modifying doom. Adds extra features to doom such as 3D floors, deep water...you name it they got it.

So Glboom-plus would be better for compatibility and demo recording

Zdoom/GZdoom for editing and casual playing.

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Another vote for GLBoom+ if you want hardware rendering and maximum compatibility. Just remember to set the lighting mode to GZDoom to get something close to software lighting in terms of brightness.

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