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Does anyone know where I could get the GBA Doom midis?

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TendaMonsta said:

Doom depot by Elbryan42

Click here to get to the music page. It consists of all the music from the old console doom games and the originals form the PC in midi format and mp2.

I downloaded that, but only got Doom up to E3M2, and not Doom 2.

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Not all of the GBA songs were sequenced in MIDI by Michael Barrete. You might have to make due with the mp3 versions (which sound more like the original).

I checked around and I couldn't find anything. Sorry, but this is the best I can do.

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If you want the songs in MIDI format then the songs that are already included in the IWADs are what you're looking for. GBA music is the same as Doom's (sort of) and are in MP3 to preserve the GBA's sound quality.

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I just wanted the midis to put in some of my wads, and the GBA music sounds more creepy to me. I like it more. especially MAP10.

It's ok, though.

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