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DooM: All Out War!!! Anyone interested in making it?

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If anyone is interested in creating a game based on my fan fiction story, DooM: All Out War (which was posted in the fan fiction forum), please reply to this thread. My map making skills have advanced a lot and I would like to create a megawad of maps about my story. But for anyone who does decide to help me make this wad I need to tell you somethings:

1. I cannot make levels that have added on patches or software like ZDOOM. (In other words I can only make levels that are not enhanced.)

2. Any maps I make will be made using DeePsea for Doom 2.

3. I have trouble with doors (sometimes), stairs, elevators, sprite/weapon/texture editing, and teleporters, please be able to fix my mistakes.

4. Please read my fan fiction so that you know what you are making maps for.

5. If someone knows where I can download enhancements like ZDOOM please tell me, our levels will probably be better if everyone has the same stuff (enhancements, editors, ect.).

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