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Freak5 - results

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The results of 5th tuning contest'а aka "freakmapping" are offered to your attention.
The archive contains the maps, sent on competition which was held in iddqd.ru on July, 7-24th, 2010.
The idea of competition was that the map, created by the random map generator, is being improved and modified by each participant of competition under the port chosen by participant himself. Surprises and unusual decisions were welcomed as well. Thus the participant can map game zones only within a rectangle outlined around of an initial map. Behind its limits, it was allowed to do decorative landscapes and technical sectors. Also all initial map's vertexes should have been invariable.

Maps are published with some minor alterations (basically - removing found bugs and improvement of game balance).
The more detailed information about winners is in the text file enclosed in archive.


The wad was just have been put into "incoming".
Temporal link to archive:

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I doubt that it's because of the size of the archive, but I admit that it's gonna take me about 6 minutes to DL it. I think people around here are more of the general consensus that if you're gonna take the time to decorate a randomly generated map, why not just draw a new map or two? Of course, this is just me stating a suspicion based on what I read in these forums, and not necessarily an expression of my own opinion.

Personally, I play randomly generated levels from time to time, and playing around with them in the editor has helped me learn a great deal in regard to using map editors. I think the concept of this competition is not without it's merits, at least for less experienced mappers like myself, and I'm going to take a look at the maps as soon as the DL completes.

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Have you tried to play these levels? This is not just "decorating" the original maps, from it almost nothing left. Each card has its own idea, gameplay and geometry. In fact, there are 7 independent different maps. If you are hate GZDoom, there are a Limit removing map in this archive.

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Yes, I have run through the maps, and they look good. I meant no offense with my last post, and as I said in that post it was more a prediction of what I expect to hear other people say about the project. But you have to admit, starting a map from scratch and re-shaping and re-texturing something that has been generated for you are two entirely different creative processes.

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