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Looking for a playtester

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I'm looking for someone to test my ZDoom Doom II 9 map episode before I release it.

To pique your interest there are some screenshots of the first 7 maps at this link:


There's a pic for each map and clicking on them shows more pics for that map. Please ignore the photos near the bottom - there are no maps set in Venice or a rainforest!

The wad itself can be downloaded at this link:


Go into the "Hellbent levels and resources compiled" folder and download HBE1.wad.

I'm not expecting any time consuming in depth analysis, just any major bugs or quick improvements you think I could make. And music suggestions wouldn't go amiss if you can think of any.

Anyone who is interested in helping me can either PM me thier findings or post in this thread.

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Thanks Essel. I am a stickler for the traditional Doom themes of city canals and tropical mountains.

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I just finished e1m3. There are missing textures at the exit pit.

When I finally found a shotgun I thought it was Christmas!

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Is jumping cheating? It's the only way I could figure out how to navigate through THE LUNG.

BTW, cool idea making a map inside a lung. The monsters are like a cancer...

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Thanks for playing Herculine/azureace.

I've fixed the E1M3 exit now. I was going for a deep-water/blood effect that didn't come off. Before I uploaded I ran a fix on missing textures which has caused those white textures. I've just flattened out the floor in there now. Did you find the secret exit in E1M3 by the way? It is very well hidden. I won't give it away completely but if you can find the light amp goggles you're halfway there...

I hope it wasn't too heavy going before you got the shotgun. I think E1M1 works well without one but E1M2 is a bit of a grind if you don't find any secrets.

I hope you liked E1M5 it's one of the best maps I've made so far.

Jumping's not allowed. The Lung can be beat without it. There's 2 parts I can imagine you're stuck on. The archvile room and route to the exit.

In the archvile room you shoot the eye switch to lower the pillars. You can then run over the lowered pillars and over the eye switch - or back out the way you came.

The point of the map is to exit via running through the lung crusher. It's timed so that you can just make it without error once you've killed the Baron in the opposite end (I always save before running through to avoid frustration!)

Any tips on making this a bit more obvious?

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@Hellbent - I thought you might play considering the name conflict! I've christened those bats Wyviles because they're like a cross between a Wyvern and an Arch Vile. I'm still debating whether or not they should be able to resurrect their own kind. They would lose their urgent threat if they couldn't I think.

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Overall this is a pretty funky cool episode. Perhaps a little heavy on the revenants, yes, and a shotgun or chaingun, or at least a chainsaw, would have been nice to find maybe as a secret near the end of the first map. Very difficult/challenging throughout on HMP, but not impossible to beat. Some more missing textures showed up in The Lung in that area with the pillars and the eye switch, but not noticeable unless mouselooking at the ceiling. Definitely not an episode for an inexperienced player, but I liked the challenge and resisted the urge to cheat.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look at cutting down the revenants on HMP/HNTR. If you mean on E1M5 the idea is to close the red door to shut them out and come back with the red key and invulnerability sphere.

There's a hidden chainsaw near the beginning of E1M2. I think I might make it a shotgun, make it a bit more obvious and swap the bezerk in E1M1 for a chainsaw so it carries over to the second map. I'll then change the shotgun secret on E1M2 for some extra shells.

I thought I'd fixed those missing textures in The Lung but I'll look at them again. Could you navigate that level better after my tips? Do you think I should try to make the route clearer?

It's definitely possible in UV but it's probably best completed on HMP first and then use your knowledge of the areas to your advantage when going up a difficutly level. I've completed every map on UV in under 5 minutes each - there are tricks!

Do you play with music by the way Herculine? You can play name that tune as you play through :-)

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purist said:

Do you play with music by the way Herculine? You can play name that tune as you play through :-)

Yeah, I was meaning to mention that, but didn't since music is the one thing we can always change ourselves easily simply by turning down the Doom music volume to 0 and firing up Windows Media Player or something as we play.

I found the music very annoying and often silly-sounding. IMHO pop-music doesn't fit the atmosphere of Doom, especially not in midi form. The only one that was a pleasant surprise was the Black Sabbath. Personally, I've always preferred the Aubrey Hodges music from the PSX versions over even the original Doom midis. That music sets the mood for Doom and especially hell-themed levels perfectly IMHO.

But these of course are only personal preferences. As I said, we can easily not listen to it if we don't agree with an author's music selection, so IMHO authors should put whatever they want in their WADs, even if it's Happy Birthday and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

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I've updated HBE1.WAD

Bezerk swapped for chainsaw

Chainsaw swapped for shotgun in secret area
Various other tweaks, mainly adding shells and removing Demons
Way out added to area NaturalTvventy got stuck in

Textures added where missed in the room with the falling pillars

Things I've not changed: I've left the music since I'm rubbish at picking music and would probably only make it worse, I've not removed any revenants as it would remove the challenge in E1M5 and are fairly thinned out in E1M6/E1M8 in the lower difficulty settings anyway.

The new version can be downloaded from the link on the first post. If anyone wants to give it a run through and give any more tips I'd be most grateful - I'd particulary like comments on E1M7 and the Wyvile monster. Unless anything else needs fixing I'll upload to /idgames.

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