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Heretic: Contention - Release 02/22/11!

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Well, even though it shouldn't have taken this long, it's finally finished!

A medieval duel map pack designed using vanilla Heretic, so it should be able to play on any port you can think of. The themes vary from classic Heretic, to an attempt to emulate modern detail styles. The layouts also have a variety of their own, ranging from typical symmetrical style, to a Quake-ish vertical layout. With all this being said, I feel I should let you know that you wont be seeing the firemace anytime soon on these levels, so that will either be a plus, or minus in your book.

For those of you looking for some eye candy before downloading, look no further!



The files included in the .rar are as follows:

Mapinfo.wad (optional)

I just felt the need to add titles to my maps, in case you were wondering. There are also different skies for certain maps.

If you are going to host this in a server, I'd recommend vanilla controls (no jump/crouch). Finally, the download.

I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!

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I wish Chocoalte-Raven's netcode was done so I could play somebody on this under a classic engine.

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Theres always Doomsday 1.8.6 for Heretic MP if you want something accurate to the original Dos version.

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