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Good FPS Action!

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Indeed, the sound is off. It looks like they're firing a 2 3/4 12 gauge shell, birdshot, probably 8 oz. But those shells still have a loud report, on par with a 7.62x39 from an AK47. It almost sounds like a suppressed MP5, where the bolt cycling is louder than the actual shot. Hell, even a .22 long rifle is louder than that.

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The sounds effects are god awful and the gameplay looks really boring since you can't reload while moving. The level looks pretty bland too. Still, I might consider getting it when it comes out. Is there a release date yet?

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The way that guy is playing, looks like he's using a pad - shaky cam, constantly looking at his feet. Could be to show the body awareness (which is admittedly decent), could be just as well to hide poor engine performance on longer distances.

As for the level itself, for all we can see the dude is in a corridor. To say the monsters aren't very reactive would be nice, from what we can see the AI is terrible. It all seem so very linear.

In short, just another console FPS. Pass.

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