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D00M movie fans

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I don't regret taking two precious hours of my life to watch the Doom movie, it was a lot of fun. Most movies that try to do the whole hell thing just turn out cheesy anyway, except for End of Days, if any of u remember that

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Am I alone in thinking that Doomguy looks more like Dolph Lundgren than Arny? I think Arny (80s era) is a little too muscular looking.

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footman said:

Personally, I place it in the "so bad it's good" category, but that's just me. :P


scalliano said:

...that (presumably shit) site...

Dude, that's a pretty good Star Trek fan site, you blasphemer you :P

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Any site that bans linking of images with an obnoxious "stop spending my money" message is, by default, shit.

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