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Polyobject makes no sound [misread; ignore thread]

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The polyobject I'm trying to use doesn't make any sound, despite being told to use a sound sequence.

Here's the sound sequence:

sound deepstop {prefix no; pitchvariance Doom; priority 90}
sound stongrnd {prefix no pitchvariance Doom priority 90}

soundsequence StoneGrind
	id 2
		"play stongrnd",
		"stopsound deepstop"
	type door
	stopsound deepstop
And the polyobject startline and doorswing specials in ExtraData:
	recordnum 1
	special polyobj_startline
	args {1,0,0,0,2}

	recordnum 2
	special polyobj_doorswing
	args {1,8,64,100}
EDIT: it figures. Instead of args {1,0,0,0,2} it should have been {1,0,2,0,0}. Looks like I fell for my own mistake in the wiki. I hope others haven't done it. Correcting it there now...

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