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Help Identify Demos Please

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I have a series of HR demos that are from 1999.

They are named like this:


I could have sworn there was a c25 run as well as a couple of others but can not find them right now.

They are good runs but would like to know who did them.

I have no clue who the author was/is. Thoughts? did anyone take the time to create a text file for these when the came out?

A forum search came up blank for me.

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Heh, because of this sort of problem, as well as displacing bonus demos that come in ZIPs, I'm starting to keep all demos (and WADs, really) in ZIPs instead of loosely in folders. It also saves a lot of space, and my hard drive is pretty old.

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4mer said:

Looking on here http://doomedsda.us/wad585.html those times seem to tie up with Alexander Sushkov.


Good Eye. Thank you.

No text files with those, so a decade later the author was completely unknown to me.

myk, I do the same, demos in zips have a file, Wads in zips have a file and the unzipped go into the doom2 folder if they are doom2 of course.

My organization is pretty good but having no text file is a pain on these.

I am glad the DSDA has them over there.

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One useful thing I've started doing is inserting a text file called <demo_name>.msg in ZIPs without text files or the equivalent info, or for any demos needing clarifications. Sometimes I just type what WAD the demo is for and the author's name, or more conveniently I also cut and paste notes from where it was posted (usually a forum post) and the URL.

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He also recorded TASes on map07, 12 and 17, called c07-425, c12-351 and c16-1043, but no map25 run that I can recall.

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Thanks gentlemen, I just grabbed the others from the TAS Site.

I didn't realize I must have gotten them over there a long while back.

Self made text files will help with these.

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