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Unwanted Sky Wall

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Well, working on JPTC here, and if you look at the screenshot here:


I'm not sure whats wrong... I tried adding the texture to all sides and angles or whatever, applied different textures, and a bunch of other things, but they stay like this, showing the sky texture.

The texture thats disapeared is the same on the rest of the arch.

Help please!

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I don't know DB2, maybe it's error checker can autofix it? Otherwise will have to edit sector references by hand.

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Drawing a line where the sector is missing a line may fix it. You can also use the Make Sector mode to click on the broken sector. How to fix it kind of depends on how it is broken. Try and learn :)

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Alright I figured the little basterd out. Those two pillars or whatever that holed up the beam, were sectors pulled down by the cieling, which had the sky texture aplied. Because I never changed the ceiling textures for what I pulled down, the walls a part of that sector turned in sky texture as they were touching the celing. So look at that, I found out how to fix it, and why, so now I know how to apply proper sky textures to walls when I WANT THEM.


Thanks for the help guys that I ended up not really needing!

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