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COLORMAP problem

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I was playing around with the pallete in XWE modifying the existing color ranges and I used inkworks to change the damage and item pickup effects. However, upon creating a new colormap, it did this:

If you look at the far right where the navy blues are, the very last line goes from black to very bright green. In gameplay, areas that would normally appear black in darkly lit sectors appear a bright green. What's the deal with that?

When I used inkworks to export the pallete to a wad, I noticed the very last color in the dark blue range was a bright cyan. (I think this may be a bug with the utility) I manually changed all those back to black in XWE but the COLORMAP still uses the greens to create a range. I want them all changed to black. What now?

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Doh! After playing around with XWE, i found it has the ability to 'rebuild' any portion of the colormap using the existing pallete. Problem solved!

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